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    The saracens to the conquest of Calabria

    Saracen invasions

    In the 8th century the saddest page in the history of Calabria begins: from that moment the period of saracen invasions began, which devastated the region for a considerable period of time, preventing any peaceful development.

    However, in some cases they managed to establish some of their bases also in the occupied territories in the area and build fortresses (Amantea, Tropea, Squillace, etc.) from which they looted and assaulted people and goods.

    The calabrian population, who since the times of Magna Grecia had arranged their urban settlements along the lonian coasts or on the sloping hills towards the sea, never thought of having the means of protection and defense against probable marine invasions.

    Despite the damage caused to both people and property, it must be remembered that the saracen raids ended in a great victory for the people of Calabria: they were troublesome marauders, but they never managed to become the masters of the region. The stubborn reaction of the populations made any settlement impossible and prevented them from spreading through Italy and reaching Rome.