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    The philosopher of Ancient Greece.


    The figure of the greek Pythagoras is shrouded in the mists of the legend. Somehow, his name is still linked today to a statement discovered ten centuries before his birth and probably proven after his death: the Pythagorean theorem.

    Pythagoras, who lived in the 6th century BC, was an ancient greek philosopher, mathematician, miracle worker, astronomer, scientist and politician.

    He is remembered as the founder of the historical school that bears his name, in which mathematical knowledge and its applications were developed, such as the well-known Pythagorean theorem. However, his influence went much further, since his ideas had an enormous importance for the development of western science, because he was the first to understand the effectiveness of mathematics to describe the world.

    A relevant fact is his transfer from Greece to southern Italy, where he founded, specifically in Crotone, a famous philosophical school – which is considered the source and origin of the so-called “italian philosophy” – in the form of a religious community with moral and political regeneration intentions. The doctrine that most commonly characterizes Pythagorean philisophy is the one that considers the number as the essence of all things, since every aspect of reality is given by reciprocal relationship or harmony of countable quantities (the model of excellence was considered the concordance of the sounds, that is, the symphony, performed in music from mathematical intervals).

    The disciples of Pythagoras lived in a community, organized and regulated by the laws of the same teacher and cultivated the disciplines of the quadrivium (music, arithmetic, geometry and astronomy). Furthermore, they believed in the magical power of numbers and orphic cults. The Pythagoreans were the first to found a school of higher education, in Metaponto and Kroton, very similar to today’s universities.