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    Federico and Calabria

    Federico II

    Calabria in the Kingdom of Sicily under the rule of emperor Federico II of Swabia.

    Federico II became Emperor of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies when he was only four years old.

    He was a man who loved culture and therefore surrounded himself with writers and poets. He founded the first Western state university in Naples. And, using his personal wealth, he founded many other schools in the Kingdom, to allow even the poorest to be educated. Likewise, in Calabria he also made donations to religious orders such as the Florensi di Gioacchino da Fiore and contributed to the construction of the Cathedral of Conseza, inside which Enrico, his son, was buried.

    In the interior of Calabria, between the provinces of Consenza and Crotone, there is a fascinating historical, religious and architectural itinerary in which you can still recognize numerous vestiges related to the Swabian period and the emperor Federico II.